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Mon Jardin en Ville

One room and two suites 

At "MON JARDIN EN VILLE", our suites and our room have Flowers names ...


The ORCHIDEE PAPILLON room - a 26 m2 surface - for one or two people - exudes a Zen atmosphere in shades of gray and natural wood. It opens onto the garden and swimming pool.


The TULIPE NOIRE suite - for one, two or three people - a 34 m2 surface - is very bright contrasting between Black and White. The atmosphere is voluptuous, with a small lounge and balcony overlooking the garden - from the 1st floor of the main facade of the house.


The FLEUR DE LUNE suite - a 38 m2 surface on 2 levels -  for one, two, three or four people ... This "loft" -"sixties" Deco in chocolate tones is a family bedroom or even a shared space between friends (s) or colleagues.


To each his way of living the places like your choice according to your tastes, desires and reasons stays ...



"Orchidée Papillon" room

"Fleur de Lune" suite

"Tulipe Noire" suite

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